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Sony Kibou/Hikari recognized as “Tokyo Barrier-free Mindsets Support Corporation”

Sony Kibou/Hikari Corporation has been recognized as a “Tokyo Barrier-free Mindsets Support Corporation” by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in March 2019.

“Tokyo Barrier-free Mindsets Support” is an activity hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to promote consideration for the society and environment in which all people can participate equally and continued actions together with companies and entities in Tokyo.
This fiscal year, in order to foster the social norm towards "Barrier-free Mindsets", the Tokyo Metropolitan Government registered 150 companies including Sony Kibou/Hikari as “Tokyo Barrier-free Mindsets Support Corporations” recognizing their works on awareness raising and other activities.

The main "Barrier-free Mindsets" initiatives which we promote are as follows.

-Holding trainings every year for all employees to deepen their understanding of the diversity and inclusion.
-Promoting “visualization of growth steps” to promote the growth of each employee with disabilities and providing appropriate considerations and support programs through discussions with the individual.
-Transmitting various information to promote the understanding of disabilities and people with disabilities. Furthermore, holding workshops to create opportunities for Sony employees to talk directly with employees with disabilities, aiming to deepen their understanding of disabilities and to acknowledge their own "unconscious biases" for disabilities.
-Conducting partnership training programs with nearby special needs schools.

We will continue to contribute to the society through keep on promoting "Barrier-free Mindsets" activities.

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